Factors to consider before moving apartments


Every day many Kenyans move apartments due to factors that range from convenience to comfort. However, it is necessary to acknowledge that moving is expensive and needs planning. Here are some factors which you can consider before making the actual step to relocate.

  1. Do you really need to move? 

This is a question that one should ask themselves even before they begin their apartment search. Kenyans, especially the middle income earners have the tradition of moving houses for no logically pressing reasons. As such, you should ask yourself, do you really need to move from your one-bedroom apartment to a bigger apartment? Do you really need to move from your current location to another similar or more expensive location? Once you have answered these questions, you can proceed to other factors to do with the actual moving.

  1. The desired size of your apartment. 

In most cases, people tend to associate the number of bedrooms with the apartment size only to move and have furniture not fitting in. This has been flipped by an increase in profit-oriented landlords who have dramatically shrunk the traditional Kenyan room sizes. It is hence necessary to consider the floor plan and the room sizes before settling on an apartment.

  1. Target rent bracket. 

Financially, one should make sure that their rent is not more than 15-20 % of your income. On starting an apartment search chances are that you will find different apartments, some of which are new, classy, and trendy. For Kenyans, their appetite for comfort rises, they forget their financial comfort and get into a rental agreement that is expensive for their income, only to end up with a locked-up house a few months before. The advice here is clear, stick to your budget.

  1. Commuting distance to your workplace.  

You work in Thika, would you move to this comfortable and cheap apartment in Kitengela? Are you willing to endure the long commute hours and live in a comfortable and cheap apartment? Also, understand that the commuting cost might add up quickly. It is your choice to make.

  1. Desired amenities. 

“Last week we did not have water in our apartment.”  “Our apartment does not have a security guard.” “Why can’t our landlord install WiFi and DSTV for us? The situation could improve if tenants decide what amenities they seek in the apartment. Decide what you need in an apartment before moving.  Many people think of amenities such as power backup, borehole security, parking, and proximity to the main road. Make a checklist of all these items and decide what is essential for you.

  1. How do you plan to move your house items? 

Means of moving appears to be an afterthought to many Kenyans as they hastily book for a truck on the morning of moving day. In the end, this turns to be the most expensive part due to breakages and lost items. As you relocate, the guys carrying your sofa knock it all over the stairs till it becomes shaky. Your refrigerator, glass table, TV, or utensils can easily break while on transit.  Think of how to pack your valuables and make sure the movers know which items are fragile. Plan to get responsible movers who will take care of your valuables and secure a moving means that will comfortably accommodate your items. Do not use a pick-up to move items that need a truck. In some cases, it’s wise to hire a moving company.

  1. Desired neighborhood. 

Everyone would like to live in a specific area. Different areas have different price brackets. A one-bedroom rental apartment in Ongata Rongai has a different price from a similar room in Pangani. Another factor is security as different areas have varying levels of insecurity. Desired social amenities influence the location too. Some areas have easier access to good hospitals, schools, gym, parks, and other recreational facilities. As all this comes into play, the key determining factor is how much more or less are you willing to part with in the form of rent. The larger the budget, the bigger the range of neighborhoods to choose from.

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